Flight informations

Flight informations

Please make sure you are aware with all procedures, rules and situation before coming !

LSGE landing, customs and overnight fees are free for oldtimer airplanes.
For cross-border flights, please fill up the custom declaration at least 2h prior arrival at LSGE and 1h prior departure from LSGE.
VFR Manual Visual Approach Chart and AD Info (not for operational use, only official publications should be used for flight planning !)
  1. Expect some delay, especially during afternoon, when displays are taking place.
  2. Note that runway 27 has a downslope, mostly noticeable on its first third.
  3. Parachute jumping might take place overhead the field, please cross check on 120.625 before proceeding overhead airfield.
  4. Oldtimers are parked on the grass west of the last hangar. Due to the gap between concrete and grass surfaces which could damage the airplane, it is not allowed to enter or exit the grass surface under engine power. You will be asked to cut off the engine and our parking team will be pleased to help you to push or pull the airplane in and out of the grass parking.
  5. For airplanes with poor forward visibility, one of the parking team member will be pleased to help you to ensure that the propeller area is free for engine start, just ask them!
  6. Displays and passes below minimum heights are flown only by pilots approved by the organisator in collaboration with the swiss FOCA and after the compulsory daily briefing.
  7. Your aircraft will be parked within the public area. It’s a long time tradition of this event, to allow public to be as close as possible of the pilots and their beautiful machines. No incident was reported within the last 20 years. Contact us if you don’t aggree.
  8. Airplanes incoming/outcoming from/to a foreign country have to follow the instructions as specified under point 9 of the LSGE AD INFO.
Marshalling signals

Food and overnight

Food & Drinks

1 lunch and 3 drinks offered to the pilot of an oldtimer and his/her passenger. Please announce yourself at the Oldtimer C-Office at your arrival to receive your vouchers! Saturday evening’s supper is not included.



Reservation and location :
Au Parc Hôtel SA
Rte de Villars 37
1700 Fribourg
Phone : +41 26 429 56 56
E-mail : reception@auparc-hotel.ch

If necessary, we will bring you to the hotel but you may have to wait a bit and drink another beer 🙂


Camping is possible with your own equipment close to your aircraft.